Family Dentistry At Vistasol Dental

Practicing family dentistry has always been one of our greatest philosophy at Vistasol Dental Clinic in Montebello, where everyone are treated like a Family.
Family dental health plays a very important role in total personal hygiene. Oral and dental problems can lead to a lot of health problems. These problems are quite costly to cure, but can be cured, or completely prevented, with less hassle at an early stage through high-quality family dentistry. Having unhealthy teeth has a lot of disadvantages, not just on personal hygiene, but on personality and confidence as well. It can also greatly affect the hygiene of all family members and even change their lifestyle. Several bacterial problems caused by unhealthy teeth can affect the entire body and immune system, which in turn can spread through the family and affect other family members.

Kids learn about taking care of their teeth at home, and as they grow up, they take the responsibility of it. They also feel more comfortable if they go to the same dental clinic they parents go to. When all family members learn about dental and oral hygiene together, they can enforce it on each other and achieve better results, and therefore better family health. Family dental care is a necessity and should be consistently pursued through best quality family dentistry.

At Vistasol Dental clinic we pay close attention to our patients situations and understand the importance of treating and educating all family members together at one place. Our environment is kids friendly and we make sure they are comfortable and fear-free at our clinic. Furthermore, all the family’s dental needs are met at Vistasol Dental. Dr. Noushin Adhami performs in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and pediatric dentistry and all the staff is well-educated and experienced.

To make an appointment either for your child or self please call at 323 346-0208