General Dentist at Vistasol Dental Clinic in Montebello

Dr. Noushin Adhami D.D.S
General Dentist at Vistasol Dental Clinic in Montebello

The media is full of flashy advertisements about cosmetic dental treatments that can transform your smile and change your life. Although we hear more about these cosmetic dental treatments, more patients seek dental care for general dental issues than for any other type of dental problem. General dental treatments are procedures designed to improve or restore your oral health. This type of dentistry includes a variety of dental procedures.

Some general dental procedures are preventative. These treatments include fluoride treatments, protective sealants to help prevent tooth decay, as well as preventative programs designed to improve a patient’s oral health, reducing their chances of developing a cavity or periodontal disease.

Many general dental procedures involve restorative measures, meaning that they are designed to correct an existing oral health problem. These treatments include, but are not limited to, filling cavities, performing root canal therapy, treating periodontal disease, placing crowns to strengthen damaged teeth, placing inlays and onlays to restore areas of damaged or missing tooth on the chewing surface, Extraction of wisdom teeth , dental bonding and more.

General dental treatments can also be diagnostic. These procedures are designed to identify oral health issues before they develop into more serious complications. Diagnostic treatments include x-ray imaging to search for signs of tooth decay, impacted teeth, and other oral health problems. More advanced forms of imaging such as 3D images of the patient’s mouth or Panoramic dental X-Ray can also be used to help detect any abnormalities.

Routine examinations and cleanings are both diagnostic and preventative in nature, and they are the most frequent procedures performed by our general dentists at Vistasol Dental. Examinations identify signs of oral health problems, including cavities, signs of periodontal disease, signs of infection, and more. If our dentist locates an oral health issue, a follow up appointment will be scheduled to treat the compromised tooth.

Most patients should schedule a routine examination and cleaning every six months. Some patients, such as patients with ongoing oral health problems or patients with diabetes, may need more frequent appointments to monitor their oral health. If you have not had a general examination within the past six months, be sure to call your general dentist at Vistasol Dental Clinic at (323) 346-0208 to schedule an appointment.