What You Need to Know about Tooth Abscess

Tooth abscess, a collection of pus inside of the oral tissues, can result from severe infections like those associated with untreated gum disease. When abscess occurs, patients commonly experience intense pain and are at risk of having the infection spread to other parts of the body. Here is more about the causes and treatments of tooth abscess.
Why Tooth Abscess Occurs

Abscess is the result of a trapped bacterial infection inside the tissues of the mouth. In some cases, untreated tooth decay can cause a bacterial infection that produces an abscess. An abscess can also develop after a tooth is affected by cracks or breakage, which allows entry of bacteria into the tooth pulp. Finally, infections may result from accumulation of food particles between the gums and teeth, particularly when gum disease creates larger pockets in which bacteria thrive.
How Tooth Abscess Is Treated

Tooth abscess is treated in a number of ways depending on severity and symptoms. Initially, at Vistasol Dental, Dr. Noushin Adhami a montebello dentist addresses the abscess itself before working on the infection behind it. If pulp infection is involved, root canal treatment or root canal surgery may be required. In many cases, more than one appointment is necessary to eliminate the infection and protect against future problems.

Patients can reduce their risks of suffering a tooth abscess by brushing and flossing their teeth every day and visiting our dentist for check-ups at least twice each year. To learn more about tooth abscess prevention and treatment, patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist at Vistasol Dental in Montebello.